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About Us

"You can't buy happiness, but you can shop for a good cause and that's pretty close"

The Desert Flower Shop provides products from all over the world, donating the net profit of the price to the Desert Flower Foundation founded by Waris Dirie. 


Desert Flower Foundation

Worldwide 200 million women are affected by this horrible crime. According to UNICEF in Africa 30 million girls in Africa are threatened by FGM. Female genital mutilation is practiced in East, West and North Africa, South Asia, the Middle East and, because of strong immigration, in Europe, North and South America, Australia and New Zealand.

The goal of the Desert Flower Foundation is to educate and inform people worldwide, to support women affected by FGM and to save girls from this inhuman practice, which should not exist in our society in the 21th century.


Education Project

We firmly believe that education is the solution for combating Africa's problems, including FGM.  Therefore we started our education project DESERT FLOWER POWER.

With approximately 42%, the sub-Saharan region has the highest rate of illiteracy worldwide. Mostly this is due to the poor supply of school materials. In many African countries, there is only 1 school book for  30 pupils.

Most of the children have never held a book in their hands.

In order to set an end to the high illiteracy rate, Waris Dirie wrote the first reading book "My Africa- The Journey" for children in Africa. 

Our goal is fight Africa's education crisis by providing a "Desert Flower Power" Box, including "My Africa- The Journey", set of coloured pencils, notebook and a school bag for every child in Africa, as a first step.

You can actively purchase a first reading book in our shop, which will be shipped to a child in Africa.